The English language has its roots in several languages, including Greek, Latin, learning to recognize common roots prefixes and suffixes will help you build your vocabulary.

Here we have common word root and prefixes and suffixes                    

Word Roots

Greek rootMeaningExamples
AutoSelfAutograph, automatic, automobile
BioLifeBiology, biography
ChronoTimeChronology, synchronise
DemPeopleDemocracy, demographic
ElectroAmberElectricity, electromagnet
GeoEarthGeography, geology
MegaLargeMegawatt, megabyte
PanAll, entirePandemic, pantheon
PhotoLightPhotograph, photosynthesis
PsychMind, soulPsychiatry, psychology
TeleFor awayTelevision, telescope
TheoGodTheology, atheist
Latin rootMeaningExamples
AudiHearAudio, audience
BeneGoodBenefit, benign
CredBelieve, trustCredential, incredible
DietSpeakDictate, verdict
DoctTeachDocument, Doctor
FinEnd, limitFinal, confine
Mis/mitSendTransmit, missile
OmniAllOmnivorous, omnipotent
Scribe/scriptWriteScribble, script
Sens/sentFeelSentiment, sensation
Vid/visSeeVisible, video


Greek prefix                                   Meaning                                                             Examples
Anti/Ant                               Instead, againstAntisocial, antacid
DecatenDecade, decalogue
EcoEnvironment, habitatEcology, ecosystem
HomoLike, similarHomogeneous, homonym
KiloThousandKilogram, kilometre
MacroLargeMacroscopic, macroeconomic
OctoEightOctogenarian, octopus
ParaBeside, beyond, nearParadox, Paranormal
ProtoFirstPrototype, proton
PseudoFalsePseudonym, pseudo-science
Syn/symTogether, withSymmetries, synopsis
Latin prefixMeaningExamples
ANot, withoutAmaral, apolitical
BiTwo, doubleBifurcate, biannual
ContraAgainstContradict, contrast
DeDown, off, removalDeformed, descend
ExtraOutside off, beyondExtraordinary, extrovert
In/ImIn, into, not, towardIncision, impure, impulse
MalEvil, badlyMalnourished, malevolent
PreBefore, early, towardPrecedent, preposition
QuadraFour times, four toldQuadriceps, quadrangle
RetroBackwards, behindRetrofit, retrograde
SemiHalfSemicircle, semivowel
TriThreeTriangle, triceps
UltraBeyond, extremelyUltra sound, ultraconservative


      Speak suffix                  Meaning                          Examples
A c/I a cPertaining toCardiac, maniac
CracyGovernmentAristocracy, democracy
GenicsuitableCarcinogenic, photogenic
gramrecordTelegram, electrocardiogram
I cPertaining to, one whoDogmatic, aristocratic
IcalPertaining to, made ofPolitical, biological
Ise/izeTo make, to giveCriticize, sanitize
LogyScience or study ofBiology, geology
PhobiaFear ofClaustrophobia, xenophobia
ScopeObserve, watch Telescope, microscope
SisAct, sale ofCrisis, meta morphosis
therapyTo nurse, care forHydrotherapy, aromatherapy
Latin suffix                 Meaning                 Examples
Able, ablyAble to, capable of beingTransferable, identifiably
AgeBelonging to, related toPast age, marriage, old age
EnTo become, cause to beDarken, weaken
Ery/ryPlace for, occupation ofVinery, dentistry
FyTo make, cause to beClarity, horrify
HoodState, qualityChildhood, priesthood
IshOf, belongingBoyish, foolish
LessWithout, lackingPitiless, tireless, careless
MentResult, means of an actMovement, moment
SomeLike, tending to beFiresome, lonesome
TionState of somethingElation, depression
WiseDirection, mannerClack wise, length wise

Let us now try an exercise, for each sentence below study the word that is printed in bold try to identify the root word along with any prefix [or]suffix that is/are attached to it

  1. Salman watched a preview of the movie                                                                                                                    Root: view                     prefix: pre   
  2. The magician made the pigeon Disappear                                            Root: appear                 prefix: dis                                                                                       
  3. Radhika asked the actress for her autograph                   Root: graph                    prefix: auto
  4. Chandan removed the item from the box                                        Root: move                     prefix: re                suffix: ed
  5. I stood on a balcony overlooking the park                                            Root: look                        prefix: over           suffix: Ing 
  6. Himesh ‘s story was unbelievable                                               Root: believe                   prefix: un              suffix: able                               
  7. One should not dress informally in office                                      Root: formal                    prefix: in                suffix: Ly                    
  8. I finished my work yesterday                                                                  Root: finish                       suffix: ed            
  9. She finished them correctly which annoyed the speaker even more  Root: correct                     suffix: Ly                    
  10. I was running in airplane                                                            Root: plane                        prefix: air
  11. I remember that Santa Claus, only he was dressed in the uniform   Root: form                         prefix: Uni
  12. I remembered looking at that mileage thing when we started         Root: member                   prefix: re               suffix: ed
  13. Yes, I am sure it was Fairview                                                           Root: view                          prefix: fair
  14. It was extremely painful                                                                           Root: pain                           suffix: Full
  15. Charlie sighed and turned slightly in his bed and he looked at me Root: turn                            suffix: ed    
  16. Then he showed me a cookie in the shape of a man and women     Root: show                          suffix: ed
  17. Charlie had developed a wild, hunted look                                 Root: develop                     suffix: ed
  18. I was somehow surprised to see her their                                  Root: surprise                     suffix: ed                    


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